Innovation, precision, speed, technology, professionalism, quality and service are our goals and strengths!

Execution spee: Orders are fulfilled in just a short time due to 3 main factors: WAREHOUSE, FLEXIBILITY, GEOGRAPHIC AREA

Our internal warehouse, together with an important network of suppliers, allows us to have the raw materials ready to use within 5 days. 

The expected time is never fully utilised, therefore we leave room for any possible customer emergencies. Order management is streamlined and efficient, so much so that the time between the arrival of the client’s order and the purchase of materials from the supplier is never more than a few hours.

The geographical area in which GI.GI.ESSE was established and developed has been the home of precision engineering for years, offering the latest and most cutting-edge technology for any type of work.

Creations “Turnkey”: due to its specialised personnel and flexibility, the company is able to provide the customer with the designed product, ready for assembly.

Together with the client, the company establishes the level of industrialisation required to reach the target price, the desired mode of packaging and any other details that are significant to fulfilling objectives in the best possible way.