Investment   to   expand   production

Following the purchase of part of the shed next to the Gi.Gi.Esse headquarters, as shown in the image on the right, the renovation of the building is planned for the end of 2022 and the expansion of the reserved square footage for the beginning of 2023. to production.



Expansion   of   the   cutting   area   +   purchase   of   a   disc   saw

Construction of an extension for the Cutting Area + purchase of a TSUNE TK100GL disc saw complete with accessories



Change   of   name   for   the   Certification   Body

The Certification Body TÜV InterCert GmbH, which in June 2018 certified Gi.Gi.Esse with ISO 9001: 2015, changed its name to InterCert GmbH - Group of MTIC. The Certification Body stated: "This change was strongly desired with a view to renewing and developing the activities in the Management System, Testing, Inspection and Certification (MTIC) area and closer integration with the Swiss partner MTIC. SWISS SA. " In the gallery on the side you will find the details of the communication received by Gi.Gi.Esse on 11/29/2019 and a copy of the New Gi.Gi.Esse Certification.



  Installation   of   the   photovoltaic   system

Gi.Gi.Esse has chosen to bet on clean energy and has invested in renewable energy by installing a new photovoltaic system at 150 Kwp that will be put into operation around March / April.
The company has decided to entrust the production of electricity for its activity to renewable sources and invest in photovoltaics, thus determining a competitive advantage over companies that use traditional energy sources.
Installing photovoltaics has represented for a "green" company such as Gi.Gi.Esse, the best solution in terms of savings, precisely because thanks to its own photovoltaics it can optimize the costs dedicated to production and reduce energy costs.



ISO   9001:   2015   Certification   obtained

Having successfully passed the certification process, Gi.Gi.Esse has thus obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification from TÜV InterCert SAAR which has certified that "the management system of the organization has been evaluated and judged to comply with the requirements of the standard" in the field of application of "Mechanical processing for third parties and production of small metal parts".



  New   DOOSAN   PUMA   2600M   lathe   purchased

The machine range of lathes has been expanded with a DOOSAN PUMA 2600M with driven tools. Spindle nose ASA A2-8, Hydraulic self-centering chuck with 3 jaws Ø 254, Spindle with "high torque" motor and belt drive, with 12 position motorizable turret.



New   TAKISAWA   CNC   lathe   coming   soon

A new extension to the machine park with a new CNC lathe TAKISAWA JAPAN Model TT-2600 CM.



Concluded   the   safety   of   the   local

After a lot of hard work at the end of October 2017 we have completed the works for the post-seismic safety measures lasting one year.

Important building works for the safety of the environments and of the employees, who have made changes in the whole layout of the company, from the modernization of the electrical and suction systems to the reconstruction of entire areas to optimize the spaces.


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